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Discover which Carbon Literacy course is right for your business

2024 edition

The Ultimate guide to carbon literacy training

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to Carbon Literacy training courses. Find out which course style is best-suited to meet your business objectives. 

The Ultimate guide to carbon literacy training

Join 300+ businesses that have been guided by our experts

Will you make Carbon Literacy training a catalyst for business success?

Read our guide and you’ll learn:

What is Carbon Literacy training and is it right for your business

How it can benefit your team

How to align sustainability training with your broader business requirements

What to consider when choosing a training provider

If online or in-person training is right for your team

How Carbon Literacy training can accelerate your team’s sustainability strategy

Avoid putting your team through another training course that doesn’t engage and move you towards your business goals.

A great introduction for those starting their journey of climate education, as well as those who are already on that journey and wanting to consolidate and mobilise on their goals
Victoria Slattery

Social impact & environment manager, Stagecoach Manchester

I enjoyed this Carbon Literacy course very much… I was able to put together a solid list of actionable pledges to make my business more sustainable and left feeling hopeful
Paul Kelsall

Director, Kelsall Architects

“We found working with Litmus to be a refreshing experience. They are knowledgeable, empathetic… absolutely invaluable in achieving our business objectives ”
Chloe Andrews

Customer Sustainability Manager, Lyreco

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