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Carbon Reduction Plan Template

Compliant with PPN 06/21

PPN0621 Carbon Reduction Plan template

Discover what is expected from a winning Carbon Reduction Plan, and how to comply with public bids.

PPN0621 Carbon Reduction Plan template

Join 300+ businesses that have been guided by our experts

Are you confident what is required to comply?

You’ll discover the components of a bid-winning CRP:

Our Net Zero approach

Corporate responsibility & accountability

Carbon reduction targets

Our Net Zero goals

Our Carbon Reduction Plan

Baseline emissions



Avoid delaying your bid and taking resources away from growing your business.

Best practices from 30+ years of helping organisations become more sustainable

Our team of experts are proud to have:

Worked directly with over 300 companies of every size; throughout the UK and internationally.

Won numerous awards for sustainable business model innovation and training course delivery.

Receive ★★★★★ reviews and feedback from all clients in the last 12 months.

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