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What is a Carbon Literacy training jam?

Make your culture a catalyst for sustainability success
Great sustainability training should drive real change and give you a return on your investment.

The last thing you want is a yawn-worthy, information-overload tick-box training course that puts people through the motions rather than inspires them to act (we’ve all been on those).

Suck the fun and teamwork out of sustainability and you make achieving your objectives that bit harder.

Lady on a Carbon Literacy training Jam
Carbon Literacy training in action
That’s why our unique, business-focused Climate Jam is designed to:

  • Develop cross-cutting skills in areas like innovation, strategy-building and creative thinking
  • Be an enjoyable, collaborative team-building experience in its own right
  • Leave a lasting impression that actually changes the way people think

Our expert facilitators are not only a hive of knowledge with 25 years’ experience in making sustainability a no-brainer; we pride ourselves on making it a genuinely interesting and engaging experience.

Who is our Carbon Literacy designed for?

For individuals & groups

Empower individuals across your business to understand climate science, develop low carbon skills and apply their learning in their own role and personal life

For teams

Work within existing teams or departments to understand priorities and solutions in their specific area of business, such as procurement, product design, sales & marketing, or facilities

For senior leaders

Bring together a brain-trust of board and senior decision makers to dive deeper into the strategic risks ahead and set your long-term company direction

For stakeholders

Cooperate across your supply chain by bringing suppliers and/or customers together to co-create a map of your industry and jointly tackle shared challenges

Carbon Literacy Jam Testimonials

I enjoyed this Carbon Literacy course very much… I was able to put together a solid list of actionable pledges to make my business more sustainable and left feeling hopeful
Paul Kelsall

Director, Kelsall Architects

“ Great workshop with quick, actionable strategies that can be implemented straight away. Very useful no matter where you are on your sustainability journey ”

Owner, Root Web Design Studio

A great introduction for those starting their journey of climate education, as well as those who are already on that journey and wanting to consolidate and mobilise on their goals
Victoria Slattery

Social impact & environment manager, Stagecoach Manchester

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