Does Culture Eat Strategy for Breakfast [when it comes to Carbon Literacy]

Carbon Literacy

Here at Litmus, we are huge fans of strategising for sustainability. But whilst a solid sustainability strategy is fantastic at giving a business direction and the ability to communicate its vision, it cannot ensure success on its own.

Implementing your plans fully cannot be accomplished by leadership and direction alone. It requires everyone in your organisation to buy into the process by understanding what changes are required, why it is important, and what they can do to help.

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Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

It’s for this reason that management consultant Peter Drucker claimed that “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast”. 

Even a fantastic sustainability strategy will not be delivered optimally if the wider workforce does not understand or buy into what is being implemented. In worst-case scenarios, a strategy may even fall apart completely. In recent years, Carbon Literacy training has been widely adopted by forward-thinking organisations for this very reason.

A culture of sustainability

A company that can develop a robust strategy, underpinned by an engaged workforce who are passionate about delivering its vision may benefit from enhanced efficiencies, enhanced brand reputation, and employee engagement and satisfaction. All this is particularly important for sustainability and climate – challenges that many people do not yet understand or value, but that nonetheless require organisations to find potentially radically new ways of doing business. 

A culture in which these issues are poorly understood or discussed will find it much harder to innovate compared to one in which sustainability has been embraced. A culture entrenched in sustainability acts as a catalyst for meaningful change. Workforce engagement programmes (such as the The Carbon Literacy Project) foster a collective conscience towards environmental responsibility, and it creates an environment where sustainable, efficient and responsible practices are the norm rather than the exception. 

This paves the way for long-term success, not only ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements but by stimulating innovation.

Is your team considering Carbon Literacy Training to improve your organisational culture? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Meet the author

Will Goldsmith
November 14, 2023
Will heads up our growth, sustainable innovation and project management at Litmus. Having spent the last half-decade launching low carbon energy products across the UK, Will is well placed to help your organisation capitalise on sustainability-related business opportunities.