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We’re specialists in helping time-poor businesses achieve success in a low-carbon and socially responsible economy.

Our 3-step philosophy

Who you’ll be working with

Meet Dr Graeme Heyes | Director of Sustainable Innovation
About Litmus Sustainability

What makes us different

We’ve thrown away the rule-book of how sustainability consultancies usually work:

  • We pride ourselves on removing the ‘chore & bore’ through close collaboration and interactive experiences.
  • We’re just as much a business consultancy as a sustainability consultancy. Our clients’ wider business objectives are always at the heart of everything we do.
  • Our unique methods are grounded in the latest cutting-edge academic thinking on business design and innovation.
  • We’re not a faceless digital platform. We really get to know our clients and they really get to know us as people.
  • Sustainability is serious work, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Some of us have even performed stand-up comedy about climate change.

Are we right for you?

Decision-makers and sustainability teams turn to us when:


  • Looking to develop a winning strategy they can be proud of, but are overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the challenge.
  • Struggling to find competitive advantage and opportunities for innovation in the fast-changing world of sustainability
  • Seeking easy access to sustainability experts to answer their questions as and when they need them .
  • Wanting to develop an educated, aware workforce but aren’t sure how to make it an enjoyable and motivating experience
  • Searching for the best ways to communicate their progress in a way that maximises impact without falling foul of greenwashing.
  • If you identify with any of these challenges, we’re the folks to talk to.

The brains behind our approach 

Speak with litmus sustainability

Laurence Adams

Director of Sustainability

Laurence is a sustainability and communications expert who has been working with businesses on climate communications and strategy since 2014.

Laurence will help you design a winning climate strategy that not only improves your business, but influences others to follow your lead.

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Graeme Heyes

Dr Graeme Heyes

Director of Sustainable Innovation

Graeme has over 15 years expertise in helping organisations understand their environmental risks and to think creatively about how they can become thriving enterprises in a low-carbon economy.

His multi-award winning methods will help you discover how you can become the responsible, sustainable, and successful business of tomorrow.

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Will Goldsmith

Head of Growth & Partnerships

Will heads up our growth, digital innovation and commercial partnerships.

Having spent the last half-decade launching low carbon energy products across the UK, Will is well placed to help your organisation capitalise on sustainability-related business opportunities.

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Our wider team

We have with a wide network of partners and consultants who supplement and advise on our work. Among them are nationally-respected experts and entrepreneurs in everything from specialist carbon footprinting to eco-innovation.

In other words, we have a lot of friends. Even in the unlikely event we can’t help you ourselves, we’ll know someone who can.

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